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How David Spade Is Doing Right Now

What’s up everyone. I have found some fun facts on David Spade, current as of 2019-09-20. I personally have a love-hate relationship with David Spade, so was eager to do some deep research into them. Let’s get started! First… how...

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14 fall movies getting Oscar buzz

“Queen & Slim” (Nov. 27) “Queen & Slim” may end up disrupting an already uncertain race at the Academy Awards, particularly after lead actor Daniel Kaluuya got some much-deserved attention from the Academy for his performance in 201...

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How Will Adam Sandler Fare Today?

How will Adam Sandler fare on 09/20/2019 and the days ahead? Let’s use astrology to perform a simple analysis. Note this is not at all guaranteed – do not take this too seriously. I will first find the destiny number for Adam Sandler, and the...